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Roof Maintenance to Get Ready for Summer

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15 Feb, 2023
Posted by Gil
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From rainstorms and high winds to the season’s cooler temperatures, there’s no doubt that winter can wreak havoc on your home. And few parts of your home are as vulnerable to the weather conditions as your roof! That’s why, before the warm weather arrives, it’s important to get your roof ready. A little roof care before summer means you’ll be able to find problems before they become major issues. Whether you take a DIY approach or call in the professionals, our roof maintenance guide will keep your roof healthy into the fall.

Clean Out the Eaves

Once the weather starts to get better, this is one of the first things you should be marking off on your roof maintenance checklist. If you haven’t taken a look at your eavestroughs all winter, there’s a pretty good chance it’s time for a clear out. Things like twigs, leaves and even rocks may be blocking them up and preventing runoff from escaping. A clear-out will ensure that water flows away from your roof and potential water leaks are averted. If you have torch-down roofing, it means that you won’t be left with pooling water and the problems it can lead to.

Spot Missing Shingles

Missing and damaged shingles can often be spotted from the ground. But you may want to get out the ladder and take a closer look to ensure your roof is adequately protected. Rain and wind can damage shingles and tiles, which can cause them to break or fall off. When they’re broken, they won’t be able to protect your roof’s underlay from water leaks. It’s very important to fix any problem shingles or tiles right away so irreversible damage doesn’t occur. If you’re not comfortable going up the ladder, contact a professional to take on the roof repairs for you.

Schedule an Inspection

A windy, rainy winter can wreak havoc on even the most durable roof. That’s why the perfect time to organize a roof inspection is when the sun starts to come out. You may be able to DIY your inspection with a few roof maintenance tips. However, calling a trusted contractor means they’ll be able to spot the things you might not see. A missing shingle is easy, but a crack in torch down roofing or wavy flashing may mean it’s time to replace roofing. Instead of going it alone, arrange an inspection to ensure that even the most minor issues aren’t missed.

Do Some Trimming

Since you’ve gone to the effort of cleaning out your eaves, make roof maintenance a little easier next time by doing some trimming. Winter rain and windstorms can mean broken tiles and shingles or cracks in torch down roofing from errant branches. Do a check and cut back or remove any vulnerable branches that brush up against your roof, eaves or chimney. By trimming anything that looks risky, you’ll minimize the chances of damage when the next storm comes around.

Summer may seem like a time when you don’t have to worry about the state of your roof. But after the high winds and rainstorms of winter, it’s the perfect time to complete some important outdoor tasks. Be sure to clean out your eaves and look out for missing shingles or tiles. Whether it’s time for replacement or not, a little summer roof maintenance means you’ll know what needs to be done so you can make it through the season worry free.

If you’d like to schedule a roof inspection for the summer, contact Dr. Roof today at 1-818-514-1769 to get your free estimate!

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