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Overlay Roofs

Expert Southern California Overlay Roof Installation Services

What is an overlay roof installation?

Overlay roof installation is one of the terms used to describe the process of reroofing. Most commonly, this involves attaching another layer of shingles without removing the existing roof components. Due to the unique nature of the process, overlay roof installation can only be used to cover an existing shingle roof. Overlay roof installation allows you to repair minor to moderate roof damage, extend the lifespan of your roof, and change the look of your home.

A Message from Dr. Roof

Overlay roof installation isn’t for everyone! It’s best suited to clients who have a solid underlying structure and wooden deck. When these components are in good condition, it may be possible to lay new shingles directly on top of the existing ones. If you are a good candidate for reroofing, it will provide the perfect opportunity to boost your curb appeal and update your shingles to better suit the look and feel of your home.

How much does overlay roof installation cost?

Overlay roof installations are extremely popular, in part because they are typically less expensive than a complete roof replacement. Better yet, reroofing does not require the removal of existing shingles (known as a ‘tearoff’). This decreases the time and labor needed to complete the project. Your final construction cost will vary depending on the unique characteristics of your roof. As a general rule, overlay roof installation in Southern California typically costs between $5,250 – $10,500.

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